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We're building the future of corporate mobility to safely
get your people everywhere they need to go

Our Mission

HQ combines the power of SummitQwest and Hip. We joined forces behind one basic principle: Corporate mobility is too difficult and painful. We take the complexity out of the process to ensure corporations big and small can streamline everything that goes into transport (from car type to booking to billing and health and safety) at their fingertips. With HQ’s highly vetted providers, employees are ensured rides will show up on time, without price gouging, and that their health and safety will remain as a top priority.

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Summit Qwest


With SummitQwest’s next generation corporate mobility solution and Hip’s traveler-first approach, HQ is transforming the way companies and their employees get around. HQ is led by a team of serial entrepreneurs whose collective experience in mobility and tech has turned it into a go-to solution for leading companies in top markets throughout the US.

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