HQ ensures your employees are safe and healthy

Your safety is our priority

HQ prides itself in offering clients HQ Connect, our exclusive supplier partner network of high-quality, and continuously vetted suppliers. The commitment to the health, safety and wellness of our clients is at the heart of our focus on duty of care.

Below are the steps we take to ensure an unmatched level of service and safety across all HQ Connect partners.

Licensing & Insurance

HQ conducts ongoing reviews of our HQ Connect suppliers to monitor their licensing, and insurance to ensure they are valid and meet our standards.

Driver Background Checks

HQ Connect suppliers are required to conduct a detailed background check on all drivers before joining the HQ platform including initial and ongoing drug and alcohol testing.

Vehicle Cleaning

HQ requires all HQ Connect suppliers to have protocols in place to ensure vehicles meet maximum cleanliness and hygiene requirements.

GPS Tracking

HQ Connect suppliers integrate into our HQ SummitGround technology where possible so clients can track rides in real-time and post-ride for maximum visibility.

Ongoing Supplier Communication

HQ communicates with HQ Connect suppliers regularly to ensure consistent compliance with our Duty of Care policy and the maintaince of the highest standards.