Easy Booking & Tracking

We built our technology to solve for all your ride
booking and tracking needs

Book all your rides from one Platform

  • No longer need to order rides from multiple platforms, no more double booking
  • Real time online reservation of rides locally & globally
  • Track your rides and monitor performance in real time
company travel booking
mobility transportation services

Access a wide range of providers

  • Order rides from Taxis, private cars, ride-hailing apps in one interface
  • Add your own providers while maintaining your commercial agreements

Expand your provider network with other mobility options

Leverage HQ’s exclusive vetted mobility network including commute shuttles, private car hire, taxi, and more

  • Tap into HQ’s large global network of providers in thousands of cities across the world
  • Leverage HQ’s shuttle solutions for door-to-door or group pickups, with many of our clients also including private park and ride areas to optimize the value of their program
car service transportation
company travel booking

Consistent pricing

  • Easily compare prices for various riding options
  • Keep and use your provider commercial agreements

Full control & visibility

  • Get reports and real-time data on your ongoing rides
  • Generate contact tracing reports with historical reservation data in one click
  • Guarantee seats with advance booking & ensure spacing with simple capacity controls across vehicles & routes
corporate transport
ground transport services

Flexibility with route planning & optimization

  • Easily compare prices for various riding options
  • Keep and use your provider commercial agreements

Top rated app for your employees

Our app is used by thousands of NYC-area commuters. They’re a tough crowd to please, so you know your employees are getting a consumer-trusted experience.

  • Accurate ETAs and real-time tracking, no more waiting or wondering where their ride is
  • Easily view schedules, remaining seat availability and make reservations

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