How EmpireCLS leveraged HQ’s technology to provide shuttle services to leading Fortune 500 companies

June 29, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern


Chauffeured Transportation Supplier

Client Size:

200+ Employees


Secaucus, New Jersey

Company Background:

EmpireCLS are a leading luxury, chauffeured transportation provider that began in 1981 as a small limousine company in New Jersey. Empire CLS has since then grown in size to provide chauffeured transportation in over 1,000 cities globally across 6 continents.

EmpireCLS’s transportation services are utilized by private aviation luxury and hotel brands, meetings, and events, touring and roadshows managers, and many others.

The Business Need:

EmpireCLS sought to enhance their successful shuttle service by providing clients and passengers with a technology-first solution.  Until this strategic partnership,  EmpireCLS were limited in providing their clients with visibility into travel behavior, usage patterns, rider history, and granular spend insights.

Moreover, EmpireCLS lacked the functionality to enable passengers to track the shuttle in real-time, live ETAs, and delay notifications.

 The Solution​​:

EmpireCLS leveraged HQ’s innovative transportation technology to upgrade the client and passenger experience.

From the client travel manager’s perspective, we provided a shuttle management dashboard to easily track rides, understand usage patterns, and view ride history. This enabled the client to plan and optimize the shuttle service with unprecedented speed and accuracy for greater cost savings and efficiency.

We focused on delivering a dashboard solution that provided EmpireCLS’s client with greater visibility in one convenient place with an emphasis on simplicity of use.  Access to on-demand,  granular insights, and regular reports enabled EmpireCLS’s client to make strategic, data-driven decisions for optimization.

For the client’s employees, EmpireCLS integrated with HQ’s intuitive passenger app to upgrade the travel experience.  With just a few taps, passengers could now reserve their seats in advance, view the shuttle route, track the shuttle journey in real-time, and receive push notifications in the event of traffic or road accidents.

The Results:

  • The strategic partnership combined the strength of Empire CLS’s existing shuttle service and long-standing client relationships with HQ’s exceptional tech solution.


  • Our tech-first solutions helped EmpireCLS elevate their service, and enhance the passenger experience.


  • EmpireCLS gained insights and data to make optimal schedule, route, and cost-saving decisions for real business impact.


Partner Testimonial:

“We had been receiving inquiries from our corporate clients about ways we can help them bring employees back to the office while mitigating risk, and this corporate shuttle program marries EmpireCLS’ service and extensive fleet with HQ’s robust technology to provide a smart alternative to public transportation.” –  David Seelinger, Empire CLS CEO

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