HQ Announces Concur Expense Integration

April 28, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern

As ways of working have evolved, today’s employees need the best tools to make life that little bit easier, especially expensing. We all hate tedious, time-consuming, and manual expense reporting with never-ending piles of receipts. This is why we are delighted to announce our enhanced integration with Concur Expense.


As an internationally trusted provider of travel, expense, and invoice management solutions, SAP Concur simplifies the entire process.   The HQ SummitGround integration with Concur Expense allows e-Receipts to be posted directly to employees’ accounts for all ground transportation expenses, including taxi, rideshare, black car, and limousine, for our client’s preferred mobility and HQ Connect suppliers.

For employees, now all they have to do is simply enjoy the ride, and check their Concur expense account for the matching ride charge and e-Receipt. For clients using the SAP Concur matching functionality, the e-Receipt is paired with an employee’s credit transaction for greater visibility and efficiency.

Key Features


  • All employee expense data in one place
  • Every ride charge automatically listed
  • Automation instead of manual data entry
  • Fast e-Receipt generation
  • Simple implementation across the entire business


Key Benefits


  • Easier for employees to submit expenses
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Faster expense approval
  • Streamlined employee reimbursement
  • Increased spend visibility


In comparison to other ground transportation and mobility companies,  the HQ SummitGround integration is at a company-wide level.   This means we can roll out a fast activation while the individual employee is not required to manually opt in.

As part of our mission to help clients reduce their travel costs, every ride is fully validated prior to payment to reduce incorrect charges, credits, and chargebacks that can impact the client’s bottom line.

Contact our team to see how HQ SummitGround and Concur Expense integration can enhance your corporate travel program today!

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