HQ Corporate Shuttles

From door-to-door, and
last-mile to interoffice and
group transportation

Your employees are at the heart of your company’s success.

Make their transportation stress-free, and easy with our tech-first corporate shuttle service

A shuttle service that fits your group transportation needs

HQ Shuttles include

  • Corporate Events
  • Commute
  • Interoffice
  • Meetings
  • Travel & Conferences

Fully flexible & configurable

HQ Shuttles are tailored to your unique needs whether you’re looking to make the daily commute more comfortable and convenient, simplify interoffice transportation, or provide a easy way to get to company events and meetings, we can help.

Comfortable & safe shuttle rides for employees

  • A more productive journey with secure WIFI and USB charging ports.
  • Control employee capacity per shuttle, ride times, shuttle frequency, and collection points with ease.

Sustainable employee transport for your company

  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by reducing single-vehicle driving
  • Track your corporate GHG emissions with HQ’s sustainability reports