HQ Corporate Shuttles

The most flexible & safe shuttle program

Commuter Shuttles

Provide your employees with a seamless commute:
✅ Tech-first solution with flexible & dynamic routing
✅ Highly-rated consumer app for booking & riding
✅ Real-time location & ETAs. Never wait for the shuttle!

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First and last mile connectors

Connect your worksites effectively with nearby transportation hubs or off-site parking locations

Prior to the pandemic, first and last mile shuttles were used to provide safe and reliable access to
public transportation hubs. Today, HQ continues to connect employees with transit hubs and has expanded
to deliver safe transport for a variety of impactful uses

Campus shuttles

Move people around your campus, or between campuses, in a more efficient and predictable way. No more
wondering when the next shuttle comes and whether there’s room on it

Universities, business parks, and property developers love us for our contact tracing and real-time
tracking tools. If the challenge is about what to do once commuters arrive, then give us a shout

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Regional transportation

Frequently have employees traveling between regional offices, and worry about sending people back into
airports and airplanes? Use HQ to run and manage dedicated regional charters

Insights & analytics

You’re reducing infection risk with an HQ program, but it’s best to be prepared for the worst case. We
give you simple contact tracing to react quickly to a reported exposure

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Cleaner than ever

Use HQ as your shuttle service provider, and get impeccably clean vehicles that get extra attention:
Full cleaning & disinfection of the vehicles each night, with EPA-grade disinfectants, including
electrostatic spraying
Spot cleaning of seats, common areas, and touch points such as handles between each ride.
Ability to test drivers on a daily basis

travel & expense management

Seamless payments & cost-sharing

  • The rider app makes it extremely easy to share the cost with workers
  • Your employees can even use their pre-tax commuter benefits to pay, we accept all major commuter benefits debit cards

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