How leading financial & media company used HQ Shuttles to provide interoffice transport

June 29, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern


Financial, Software, Data, and Media

Client Size:

20,000+ Employees


New York

Company Background:

Our client is a financial, software, data, and media company. The Company provides financial software tools such as an analytics and equity trading platform, data services, and news to financial companies and organizations worldwide.

The Business Need:

Our client sought a fast, and efficient transportation solution to transport employees from their Manhattan headquarters to their New Jersey offices.  Until this point, employees’ options were limited to time-consuming public transportation, traffic congestion via private car, or unreliable and costly taxi services and ride-hailing.

They sought an innovative transportation solution that would eliminate the need to use personal vehicles on-site, thereby decreasing single-occupancy vehicle travel and parking pressure, while simultaneously reducing reliance on time-consuming public transportation.

The Solution​​:

HQ Corporate Shuttle service provided regular and reliable private transportation from our client’s New York City headquarters to their New Jersey offices.  The service bridged the gap between office locations so employees could travel faster, and more conveniently.  To do this, we ran pre-scheduled morning, lunchtime, and evening shuttles every day in both directions between New York City and New Jersey, and New Jersey.

For our client’s travel managers, our solution provided full control over seating capacity and route planning with the highest safety protocols. Moreover, the custom-made business dashboard allowed for easy tracking of corporate shuttles for ongoing optimization.  Access to detailed reporting helped consolidate all activities in one place to gain a clearer picture of ride volume according to day, and journey time.

Our client had access to detailed sustainability reports to measure and track the positive impact of the shuttle service in comparison to single occupancy car commuting.  These reports gave a clear picture of carbon emissions savings and connected with their larger corporate sustainability initiative. In addition, regular reporting, and on-demand insights provided transparency into how the service performed including daily ridership and popular ride times.

For our client’s employees, the easy-to-use passenger app created a hassle-free travel experience.  Using the app employees were able to reserve their seats in advance, and receive ETAs based on real-time shuttle tracking.  Finally, comfortable onboard facilities, including Wifi and charging ports, transformed travel time between offices into a more productive and comfortable experience.

The Results:

  •  Our client achieved a seamless interoffice transportation program that enhanced the employee commuting experience.


  • The shuttle service was a catalyst for greater collaboration between team members and resulted in more effective face-to-face meetings.


  • Our shuttles provided a comfortable environment to relax, catch up on work-related tasks, and connect with colleagues thereby enhancing employee well-being and satisfaction.


  • The employer-sponsored service successfully encouraged employees to move away from single-occupancy vehicle travel, toward a more sustainable mode of travel.  For example, between 1st January 2021 and June 2022, the shuttle service operated in place of an estimated 4,400 private car rides.


  • Most notably, our sustainability reports showed a 44% reduction in carbon emissions. This avoided almost 95,000 C02 emissions – the equivalent of the planting of 670 trees.  This was central to our client surpassing their sustainability goals, and drastically shrinking their carbon footprint.


  • Improved access to both locations resulted in a notable decrease in private car commuting, congestion surrounding headquarters, bottlenecks, air pollution, and parking pressure.


Client Testimony:

“Partnering with HQ Shuttles allows my team to have better control over who is utilizing our daily inter-office bus service and employees can easily reserve an available seat. They provide a user-friendly app with simple steps tailored to our scheduling needs. It is extremely important for us to work with a service provider such as HQ who quickly delivers our ground transportation requirements from a duty of care perspective.” – Client’s Global Travel Specialist

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