How HQ provides fashion brand in NYC with a full suite of ground transportation solutions

June 29, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern


High-end Luxury Fashion Brand

Client Size:

17,000 Employees


New York

Company Background:

Our client is a high-end luxury fashion brand that’s been established for almost two centuries.  They are renowned for fashion and luxury products and recognized as the world’s leading luxury goods manufacturer.

A combination of rich heritage, exquisite craftsmanship, eye for detail, and high levels of quality and professionalism through the entire manufacturing process gives our client a position of superiority in the world of luxury.

The Business Need:

Our client looked for a transportation solution that included both daily inter-office travel and group transport for company events.  They sought to provide employees at their corporate headquarters with a hassle-free way to visit the company’s customer service and distribution centers located outside of the city in New Jersey.

It was essential to adhere to the highest level of health and safety, insurance requirements and strict driver vetting to ensure maximum employee safety.

As a company committed to sustainability, our client wanted an innovative solution that would reduce reliance on personal vehicles on-site. Thereby lowering single-occupancy vehicle travel, and parking pressure.

The Solution​​:

HQ’s interoffice shuttle solution was designed to run pre-scheduled services to and from our client’s Manhattan headquarters and their customer service and distribution center in New Jersey.  Following the initial rollout of the shuttles program, we were able to seamlessly expand our services and provide group transportation for events. This included two large coaches for over 100 employees that were a cost-efficient alternative to individual taxis, ride-hailing, private cars, or public transportation.

As a tech-first solution, we elevated our client’s ground transportation program with unparalleled control, customizable route planning, spend visibility, and flexible integrations. On-demand and periodic reporting provided opportunities to continually drive down costs, and increase overall efficiency.

The Results:

  • The interoffice shuttle solution surpassed expectations and results immediately.


  • We were able to facilitate cross-department collaboration and visibility by enabling corporate employees to easily visit and engage with employees “on the ground” in New Jersey.


  • By removing travel-related barriers, our solution encouraged greater in-person dialogue and communication between employees making it possible to spend the morning on-site, and the afternoon in the office.


  • Corporate employees gained valuable exposure to ground-level employees that overwhelmingly enhanced productivity and collaboration.


  • The shuttle service emerged as a valuable perk for attracting and retaining top talent.  For larger company events and offices, providing a guaranteed ride to and from the venue helped improve attendance and engagement.


  • Both HQ transportation solutions resulted in time and cost savings with an efficient travel program.


  • We provide easy-to-use dashboards to visualize and report on usage, travel behavior, billing patterns, and even carbon emission savings.

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