Verified Ground travel Billing & Accurate Payment

We capture 100% of riding transaction details and payments, automating critical business processes, providing sophisticated reporting capabilities and significantly reducing the need for paper and audits.

Track all
mobility spend

  • One dashboard for all transactions providing unmatched visibility to corporate ground spend
  • Dashboard with insights & analytics per riding provider & employee
corporate business travel
ground transport services

Save money on overcharging errors

  • Billing & Payment includes validation & verification of all amounts
  • HQ clients save 15% at least of riding cost by using HQ billing software
  • Policy enforcement through adding business rules as validation
  • Customizable billing processes workflows based on your business needs.

Accurate & seamless accounting

Full financial tools at your service powered by Summit Ground Billing & Payment software

  • Central payments system, PCI-compliant, directly integrated to payment processors
  • ERP integration, including bookings within Concur & invoice collection
  • Automatic invoice processing & reconciliation
  • Vendor management
Summit Qwest

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    Integrated with:

    hsa Bank
    Navia Benefit Solutions
    SAP Concur