Why Corporate Mobility Matters – Services & Solutions In a Post-Pandemic World

March 23, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern

The COVID pandemic brought a range of challenges for businesses and their workforce respectively. However, an overwhelming majority of employees, especially those not obligated to be physically present at the workplace, have benefitted from more flexible ways of work whether hybrid or fully remote.

Recent research has shown that remote working has led to improved employee productivity and higher motivation levels. For many, less reliance on public transport or being stuck idle during rush hour traffic has dramatically improved their quality of life.  Prior to the pandemic, study after study has continuously shown the negative impact of rush hour traffic on employee wellbeing long-term as well as the increased risk of heart disease, and the psychological stressful driving incidents.

For businesses and their employees, inner-city offices have long struggled with parking problems. More recent innovative parking spaces have emerged as a solution yet even these have a limited capacity.  Nevertheless, in spite of these aforementioned challenges, this remains a unique period in which technology, changing commuter behavior, and a heightened awareness of sustainability are all positively intersecting.  All of which are complemented by technological advances and innovation.

At HQ, we believe flexible and technologically-powered corporate mobility solutions and services are best fit to cater to this rapidly evolving landscape.  From ground transportation to employee corporate shuttles,  including our HQ Connect, HQ SummitGround and HQ Corporate Shuttles, we’re committed to ensuring the employee commute is consistently convenient, comfortable with safety and sustainability front of mind.


What is Corporate Mobility?

Corporate mobility includes systems, solutions and services that businesses put in place to ensure their employees are in the right place at the right time.  It’s about moving from A to B efficiently, safely, sustainably and cost-effectively.

Corporate mobility often also involves arranging transportation solutions for employees’ daily commute as well as business travel domestically and internationally. With corporate mobility systems in place makes transportation and business travel more seamless, helping organizations improve productivity, efficiency as well as employee health and well-being. In addition, it plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and operating more sustainably with a better visibility on corporate carbon footprint.


Types of Corporate Mobility Solutions

Choosing the right corporate mobility plan can be challenging, and a well-integrated solution can help save costs. When designing a corporate mobility plan for employees, companies must keep cost and time efficiency in mind. In today’s post-pandemic world, corporate transport has evolved to meet the changing requirements of employees and now includes :

Corporate Shuttles


Corporate shuttles are a cost-effective and sustainable mobility solution to ensuring employees arrive to the office safely.  While some companies have their own shuttles, these have become less effective in the post-pandemic era.  A better, more effective solution is to use managed corporate shuttles like HQ Corporate Shuttles. Employee shuttles can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and congestion in the area by reducing single-vehicle commuting to the same destination.  Corporate shuttles may include corporate mobility solutions such as:

Last-Mile Employee Shuttles


With last-mile transport, the shuttle will transport employees to their final destination. This is ideal for employees who spend part of their commute on public transport.  For example, an employee may take the rail system to the closest stop. The last mile shuttle service will pick them up from the stop and drop them off at home. This is a great way to save on commuting costs and promote public transport use.

Door-to-Door Employee Shuttles


Door-to-door shuttles may transport employees from their offices to their homes on the most efficient route. In addition, door-to-door shuttles provide peace of mind and can manage groups of employees who live in similar areas.


Additional Benefits of Corporate Employee Shuttles:


  • Provide a safe and secure way to get to and from your company removing the reliance on public transportation or private car.
  • Greater transparency and trust as employee passenger app includes health & safety reminders, route maps, real-time vehicle tracking, ETAs, and push delay notifications.
  • Increased passenger productivity through transforming commute time into a more productive journey with secure WIFI and USB charging ports.
  • Flexibility and control regarding capacity per shuttle, ride times, shuttle frequency, and collection points with ease.
  • Visibility is related to costs with the ability to track, report, and process all transportation expenses in one place with payment integration.


Other Business Travel Solutions and Services


The dynamic business environment may need more flexible mobility options for certain employees. Marketing and sales employees often need flexible mobility options as do procurement managers and directors.

Business travel financed by companies may include:

  • Employee Conferences
  • Corporate Trips
  • Business Meetings
  • International Travel


Companies must manage these travel systems to avoid mobility and cost issues. For this, pre-booking and cost-calculation should be included in the corporate mobility plan.

How Can Corporate Mobility Solutions Benefit Your Business?

Corporate mobility solutions are becoming more popular amongst companies. The pandemic highlighted the importance of employees’ mental and emotional health on productivity.  As such, companies are looking to maintain the momentum gained from remote working. Corporate mobility solutions are an effective solution in this regard.


Benefits of corporate mobility program for employees include:


  • Improved Employee Health & Wellbeing


Spending time in traffic commuting to and from work each day is linked to many physical and mental health problems. Managed transport can help employees arrive at work with a clear mind. They will also focus on work, knowing that they don’t have to worry about rush hour traffic. It will reduce stress, frustration, and other emotional issues that traffic causes. Employees will be able to relax during their commute and be more energized when they arrive at work.


  • Increased Productivity


The emotional and mental health of employees will impact productivity levels. Many companies have reported better employee productivity from remote working. Having a managed transportation plan for employees will help continue this momentum post-pandemic. It will also reduce the


  • Lower Carbon Emissions


Managed employee transportation systems come under ‘green’ business initiatives. Shared riding services can also reduce billions of tons in carbon emissions. Besides, regulations are being proposed to favor companies that adopt these initiatives.


  • Improved Corporate Image


Taking care of employees’ travel needs also impacts your corporate culture and image. Managed transport is often used to attract new talent and included in employee benefits. A managed transport initiative also gives the impression of a green, envirometnally-aware organization.


  • Less Parking Problems


Business growth comes at a cost. More employees will mean an increased cost of parking space, which could lead to congestion. Having managed transport for employees can help businesses manage their parking space more effectively.


How Does HQ Helps Companies Save Costs on Corporate Mobility Solutions?

Corporate mobility can help your company save on employee transportation costs. Yet, it requires proper management. HQ Travel helps you manage corporate mobility programs by organizing everything from booking to payment in one place. You can book employees shuttles, whether door-to-door or last-mile and manage your corporate ground transportation including ride-sharing options private car hire.  This helps save costs, reduces incorrect billing, improves corporate mobility planning, and solves your office parking problems. For businesses everywhere, we’re living in a pivotal moment with never-seen-before challenges and incredible opportunities, especially in the world of transportation and mobility.  Businesses that are able to proactively look ahead, and provide their team with a reliable, safe, and sustainable mobility will not only have the competitive edge and operate more sustainably, but also have a dependable, driven, and dedicated workforce.

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