GBTA 2022 Studio Interview with HQ’s Managing Director Jeff LaFave

August 29, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern

In the second of the GBTA-HQ broadcast studio interviews, HQ’s Managing Director Jeff LaFave sits down with travel industry expert and GBTA anchor Monisa Cline.

In this engaging 5-minute conversation, Jeff shares his thoughts on:

  • The creation of HQ following the momentous merger of SummitQwest and Hip Mobility 


  • How HQ SummitGround helps corporates create a seamless and frictionless ground travel program for their employees on a global scale


  • What makes HQ SummitGround a truly holistic, enterprise, and global solution from the booking process, back-end billing & payment to ride history data and insights


  • Jeff also touches on cost control and reduction, employee expenses, enforcing business policy, sustainability in corporate mobility, and data-driven decision-making. 


  • “One piece of technology to manage their entire corporate mobility space for not only where people are traveling to, but where people are based from…” 


Watch the full interview below:

Thank you Jeff, and Monisa!

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