GBTA 2022 Studio Interview with HQ’s VP Sales Susan Lichtenstein

August 29, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern

For the third and final GBTA-HQ broadcast studio interviews, HQ’s VP of Sales Susan Lichtenstein joins Monisa Cline for a lively discussion on corporate mobility trends, ground travel, and much more. 

Notable highlights from the conversation between Susan and Monisa include:

  • Lyft’s integration with HQ SummitGround as announced at GBTA 2022
  • The technology that powers HQ’s ground travel solutions from “the ground up”
  • HQ’s unique approach to securing fair and reasonable supplier ride prices 
  • Ensuring diversity for clients, including supplier relationships
  • Corporate key trends from sustainability to health and safety & duty of care
  • What are omnichannel, micro-services, and ground transportation, and where does HQ fits in
  • Exploration of micro-services for ground travel 
  • HQ’s focus on suppliers, safety, insurance, sustainability, cost-saving, and employee mobile experience. 
  • “If it’s not easy, it’s not omnichannel…”
  • “We’ll build out the microservice and the omnichannel experience for you end-to-end with your suppliers, our suppliers, and we’ll do the safety, insurance, sustainability, and savings.  And we’ll make it so easy wherever you are in the world.”
  • “HQ is the only company in ground travel that can offer all the channels.”
  • Main opportunities for innovation for corporate ground transportation related to ease of use, user experience, employee ground travel visibility and insights, safety and security, sustainability, and inclusivity. 


Watch the full interview below:

Thank you Susan, and Monisa!

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