How Private Shuttles Can Help with Corporate Group Transportation

September 30, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern

Organizational success is very often intrinsic to employee productivity and motivation.  Commuting to and from work can be tiresome for many with study after study showing the connection between a lengthy commute and decreased job satisfaction. Recent research conducted by the University of Waterloo in Canada discovered a direct link between commute time and well-being. The findings, which were published in World Leisure Journal, conclude that people with the longest commutes have the lowest overall satisfaction with life.

Identifying employees’ pain points and addressing them is the best strategy for your business and employee retention. In 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 47 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs — an unprecedented mass exit from the workforce, spurred on by Covid-19, that is now widely being called the Great Resignation.

The Great Resignation is also a great opportunity for a great reshuffle of priorities. That’s because the problems presented by the Great Resignation also hold the solutions. Businesses must reconsider their existing management styles and adapt so they can keep their valued and talented workers on board. As an employer, offering corporate shuttles helps ease transit hustles, thus increasing your worker’s productivity, convenience, and punctuality.

Benefits of Private Shuttles in Group Transportation

The use of private shuttles for group transportation for corporate events, meetings, and conferences offers countless benefits, as discussed below:


  • Support Team Building & Relationship Development


Corporate shuttles allow employees to travel comfortably and safely, transforming the commute time into an opportunity to connect with colleagues and team members. Rolling out shuttle services encourages employees to get to know one another and socialize, developing relationships beneficial to the team, and a feeling of connection. If traveling for a conference or a team-building session, the transit time is used to brainstorm on the day ahead as they travel together.


  • Safety, Comfort, and Time-Saving


Private shuttles are a safer transportation option for your employees as drivers undergo a highly and continuous vetting process to ensure professionalism, including drug and alcohol checks.  HQ corporate shuttles provide employers with full control to request specific health and safety measures to ensure maximum convenience, comfort, and peace of mind. Plus our meticulous duty of care policy and health & safety procedures include disinfecting the shuttle for maximum hygiene.


  • Sustainability


For corporates looking to drive forward their sustainability agenda, an innovative transportation option –  like HQ’s corporate shuttles – is a strategic and effective solution.  Shuttles eliminate the need to use personal vehicles on-site, thereby reducing single occupancy vehicle travel and increasing traffic safety.

Our technology is able to plan and optimize the journey based on your employees’ zip codes for a faster and more efficient ride.  Reducing reliance on cars positively contributes towards less congestion and air pollution surrounding your business’s site. With fewer company cars on the road, this cuts down on greenhouse gases (GHGs) associated with multiple vehicles at a standstill and stop-start traffic jams.  After all, one employee shuttle emits significantly less CO2 – the most important greenhouse gas – than 20 to 30 cars.

According to our research, one HQ Shuttle carrying 10 employees saves 1500 lbs of CO2 emissions daily and 360,000 lbs annually which is the equivalent of planting 2,700 trees. With our business dashboard, you can easily measure and track your corporate carbon footprint, and lead your company into a greener future.  Plus, the time-saved and passenger productivity gained compared to driving, parking, or commuting on public transportation is a win-win.

Final Thoughts

As more and more employees return to the office this fall, corporate group transportation is an ideal solution to ensuring your employees’ commute is smooth, stress-free, and sustainable. While an employee shuttle may not be how you envision employee benefits and perks, implementing such a service will have a tremendously positive effect on your employee wellbeing, and productivity in a real way.

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