How Private Shuttles Can Help with Corporate Group Transportation

June 22, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern

Organizational success and profitability largely depend on employee productivity and motivation.  Commuting to and from work is a headache for most employees often leading to decreased job satisfaction.

Identifying employees’ pain points and addressing them is the best strategy for remaining successful and profitable. As an employer, offering corporate shuttles helps ease transit hustles, thus increasing your worker’s productivity, convenience, and punctuality.


Benefits of Private Shuttles for Group Transportation


  • Encourage Employee Interaction and Bonding


Employees can travel comfortably and safely, transforming the transit time into a bonding session. Employees have lots of things to discuss with the company, but they rarely get time for such talks due to their busy schedules, heavy workloads, and deadlines.


Creating time for employees to socialize helps in forming a cohesive team. Adopting shuttle services encourages employees to know and socialize, developing relationships beneficial to the company. Assuming they travel for one hour, that would mean one hour of talk time, which is likely to benefit the company in one way or the other.  If traveling for a conference or a team-building session, the transit time is used to brainstorm on pressing issues as they spend casual time together.


  • Safety, Comfort, and Time-Saving


Private shuttles are safer because drivers undergo vetting to ensure professionalism and the highest health and safety standards.  As a company, adopting corporate group transportation allows you to request additional safety precautions and ensure employees are in a safe, and comfortable environment.

As private shuttles come with charging ports and secure WIFI, your employees can work, catch up on emails,  or unwind with their favorite show or podcast, while in transit.  Employees do not have to carry their power banks or remain disconnected due to a lack of internet connection or battery.  In other words, commute time is transformed into a more productive journey that can have long-lasting benefits on productivity and wellbeing.


Additional Key Benefits


  • Safety & Reliability


Shuttles are an opportunity to provide a safe and secure way to get to and from work, removing the reliance on public transportation or private car.


  • Cost-Effectiveness


Corporate group transportation for a company is cost-effective in comparison to single car commuting to the same destination.


  • Sustainability


Corporate shuttles can also help reach your company’s sustainability goals by cutting carbon emissions and shrinking your carbon footprint.  Not to mention, the relief of parking pressure and congestion in the surrounding area.


  • Employee Wellbeing 


For your employees, corporate shuttle services replace the stress of public transportation, private car commuting, and congestion with a comfortable and convenient ride to work.


  • Punctuality


Shuttles are a great way of increasing punctuality amongst employees.  The shuttle service drops them at the same time before the day’s activities commence, which means there is no possibility of being late.


  • Easy-to-Use App


The employee passenger app includes health & safety reminders, route maps, real-time vehicle tracking, ETAs, and push delay notifications.


  • Control & Customize 


As it’s a private shuttle, you have the ability to control collection points, capacity per shuttle, ride times, and shuttle frequency.


  • Trust & Transparency


We provide actionable insights with a dashboard to track, report, and process all activity and expenses in one place for greater trust, transparency, and data-driven decision-making.

Closing Comment

Corporate group transportation might not have been in your plan to steer your business forward but implementing such a service has tremendous benefits. While an employee shuttle may not be how you envision moving your business forward, implementing such a service will have a tremendously positive effect on your employee productivity and, thus, business success.


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