How RXR is providing Starrett-Lehigh tenants safe and secure shuttles in NYC

April 11, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern

RXR turned to us to provide a safe, secure, and sustainable shuttle solution that gets Starrett-Lehigh tenants to their West Chelsea location in New York City without any speedbumps along the way!

As businesses continue to evolve to meet the needs of a post-pandemic workforce, this partnership between HQ and RXR provides easily accessible and flexible travel options for employees/tenants and further solidifies Starrett-Lehigh’s connectivity to major transportation hubs within NYC as employees return to the office.

Customizable Routes & Schedules

Our shuttle service for RXR is fully customizable, providing tenants with a relaxing ride to the iconic Starrett-Lehigh building from major New York transit hubs.

These include three shuttle routes, connecting Starrett-Lehigh to Penn Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, Hudson Yards 7 Train Station, and 23rd St & 14th Street in Chelsea.

With more and more office tenants returning to the workplace, the shuttle service runs five days a week during the peak work hours from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM, and 4:45 PM to 7:45 PM.

As a last-mile solution, the stops at 14th Street & 8th Avenue are near A, C, E, and L train lines with 23rd Street & 8th Avenue close to C and E train lines.


Commuter Safety is The Priority

During times when we’re collectively mindful of health and safety, our vehicles receive full cleaning & disinfection each day with EPA-grade disinfectants, spot cleaning of seats, common areas, and touchpoints with drivers and passengers required to wear face coverings throughout.

Technology-Driven Shuttle Solution

We integrated our technology with RXR’s proprietary WorxWell App so Starrett-Lehigh tenants can purchase and activate tickets, view the current location of the shuttle, and see its estimated time of arrival at each stop.

This includes the use of our tech-driven features from contact tracing to real-time tracking tools and reporting.

Why offer an employee shuttle service as one of your property amenities?

  • Stress-Free Commute –  Shuttles help your tenants arrive on time and avoid having to navigate traffic surrounding your property, making their commute less stressful.
  • Increased Productivity –  HQ shuttles include WiFi and USB power outlets so you can turn the ride into a productive journey whether to catch up on emails, or your favorite show.
  • Attract New Tenants –   Appeal to current &  prospective tenants by adding shuttles to your list of amenities for a competitive advantage and strengthen the tenant-property relationship.
  • Sustainable Solution – Shrink your property’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by reducing single-vehicle commuting to the same destination.  Translates into less traffic on the roads, shrinking bottlenecks, congestion, air pollution, and parking pressure.
  • Fully Customizable –  Control capacity per shuttle, ride times, shuttle frequency, drop off, and collection points with full flexibility and ease.
  • Reporting  – Capture insights, monitor ride routes, track carbon emissions savings, and much more.


The commute to your property just got easier.

Find out today how we can help your tenants move better, safer, and faster with our door-to-door and last-mile shuttle solutions.

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