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ground transport services
January 18, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern
ground transport services
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Covid-19 & The State of Corporate Mobility
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Stepping into the new year always brings a healthy mixture of excitement and expectations for the months to come. Therein lies an opportunity to reflect, review and revisit the old way of doing things. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to travel and transportation: the act of getting from A to B in the cities we live in and love.

As we collectively adapt and accept the realities of the global pandemic, it’s time to adjust to the new normal while thinking forward. In a changing world and workplace, the way we move has shifted. This is why HQ is here to pave the way for mobility solutions that green light flexibility, and smart, sustainable transit.

For commercial real estate teams and property managers, this means upping your amenities game to best support your tenant community. As the demands of commercial real estate have risen, staying ahead of the curve helps you stand out. It’s what differentiates and demonstrates care and consideration, adds value, and enhances the tenant-property relationship.

During times where we’re mindful of our health and use of public transportation, commuter-friendly amenities give your tenants a comfortable and convenient means of getting to your property. After all, mobility is often the first touchpoint with tenants that property managers can influence each and every day.

HQ is currently partnering with the world’s leading commercial property management companies to provide cutting-edge mobility solutions for their tenants. This includes the use of our tech-driven features from contact tracing, ride-booking via the passenger app, to real-time tracking tools, and reporting.

Proactively encouraging and supporting footfall makes your location more accessible, and ultimately, more appealing. It’s a win: win situation. One that both improves the lives of those commuting to your location today while also positively influencing the decision of prospective tenants tomorrow. HQ will customize our shuttle solution to suit your needs so that your property is the most desirable for current and future tenants.

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