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January 25, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern
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Covid-19 & The State of Corporate Mobility
company shuttle service

With “hybrid working model” and  “WFH” becoming the buzzwords of the new normal, it’s easy to forget that many employees cannot work remotely. According to the University of Washington study, an outstanding 75% of American workers have to be physically present at their workplace.  At HQ, we believe this is an opportunity for employers to proactively address this challenge by providing safe and secure transportation solutions.  The positive benefits are tenfold as your workers commute with greater comfort, convenience, and reduced risk.  Every day. 


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Marissa Baker, the author of the study and assistant professor in the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, found that a staggering 108 million Americans cannot work remotely, especially those in construction, manufacturing, and production.  The report, featured within the American Journal of Public Health 110, identified that during a public health emergency workers are vulnerable to exposure on public transportation as well as financial and psychological stressors be it reduced hours, role replacement, or redundancy.


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For employers, it’s time to adjust the focus and embrace this period as an opportunity to place your workers, and their well-being, in the center. According to the 2022 Global Talent Trends report by LinkedIn, from 2019 to 2021 there was a 35% increase of the mention of “wellbeing,” with over 60% of respondents placing compensation and benefits as key.


Demonstrate Opportunities for Growth 

Our motivation is our most valuable asset. Multiplied only by action, its value increases with how we invest our attention and apply ourselves, especially at work.  Therefore it’s important for employers to look around and provide their employees with opportunities for growth, learning of new skills, and acquiring even greater responsibility.  It’s this type of drive and motivation that keeps employees engaged.


Provide Employee Shuttles To & From Work

Employee shuttles are a great way to replace the stress and frustration associated with public transportation or commuting by car with a regular and reliable means of transport.  Since it’s your very own private shuttle there’s full control over everything from seating capacity, contact tracing, route planning with our safety protocols in place from the first stop to the final destination. Whether you’re aiming to get your workers to your hard-to-find-to site easily or reduce their reliance on taking the bus or train, HQ shuttles can help.


Embrace Flexibility. Encourage Work-Life Balance

In many industries, employees are now less inclined to work according to the conventional time clock approach. Employees and employers are increasingly more comfortable with flexible work schedules. This provides greater comfort and convenience without detracting from completing the task at hand. As mentioned, workers in manufacturing, retail, and healthcare don’t have the option to work remotely making it even more important to embrace flexibility and offer flex-time arrangements.


Make Well-Being More Than A Nice To Have

It’s hard to have a healthy, happy, and productive culture without a healthy, happy, and productive workforce.  They go hand-in-hand. According to McKinsey, for the global economy, the loss of productivity because of poor mental health might be as high as $1 trillion per year.  In a changing world and workplace, employers will have to continue to rethink how they approach their mental health and wellbeing offerings to recruit and retain talent. Whether on-site fitness centers, employee assistance programs, or flexible transportation to work, it’s about encouraging care and compassion. After all, work-related anxiety is known to decrease work performance, reduce job satisfaction, and negatively affect interpersonal relationships with colleagues.


For businesses everywhere, we’re living in a pivotal moment with never-seen-before challenges and incredible opportunities. Those that are able to think forward and create a working environment that adapts to the new normal will not only have the competitive edge,  but also a dependable, driven, and dedicated workforce.


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