How to Manage Local and International Ground Transportation in One Place?

September 30, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern

If you are having challenges managing local and international ground transportation processes for your business in one place, it may be time to revisit your overall approach to ground travel.  As we enter October with the ongoing recovery and growth of business travel, coupled with high return-to-office rates in the United States, now is an optimal time for a global, end-to-end enterprise platform like HQ SummitGround.

With our powerful global enterprise solution, you can streamline corporate ground travel and save money in the long run with greater spend visibility, and cost control.  From a single platform, you can handle every aspect of your ground travel program from booking, billing, and payment to reporting, insights, sustainability reports, and supplier management.

Keep on reading as we shed light on our industry-leading solution!

#1 Fast & Flexible Ride Booking

The easy ride booking experience is integrated across all suppliers and fully configurable to your needs. The platform is consistent across all devices, including mobile and desktop, and all geographies for an easy, intuitive, and fast booking process.  Employees finally have the freedom to book their own transportation across all suppliers, vehicle types, and service levels while remaining travel policy compliant. All the while enjoying a consistent booking experience anywhere in the world. Plus, pre-filled employee and payment information within the booking system makes requesting a ride that much faster.

#2 Increased Compliance with Embedded Travel Policy

With HQ SummitGround it’s easy to embed your corporate mobility policy into the ride-booking process.  This gives your employees the autonomy to book rides while ensuring compliance with your business travel policy.  Plus, increased policy compliance makes it easier for finance teams to track expenses, and reimburse employees. For greater control, our booking system enables you to request the following:


  • Require trip information: Ask for cost allocation code & trip purpose detail
  • Define payment type: Allow specific rides to charge the company with direct pay
  • Limit premium choices: Allow use to specific employees or ride purpose or office, and more


#3 Error-Free Invoicing & Reconciliation

Reviewing, approving, and paying suppliers can be frustrating and leads to a high overhead cost in time and effort. With HQ’s billing & invoice review features, you can achieve spend control, reduce costs, and speed up the review process by:


  • Receiving all supplier invoices in one place, in a pre-defined format
  • Defining your invoice & ride validation rules criteria
  • Using our pre-payment validation to flag errors, and invoice duplications


HQ SummitGround reviews and validates all the invoices and rides submitted by suppliers prior to payment being made. The billing validation process quickly identifies and safeguards against invoice discrepancies and errors, including incomplete or incorrect invoice data, duplication of rides/ invoices, incorrect charges within ride price, and more.

As part of our billing process, HQ SummitGround is able to automatically request suppliers to resubmit invoices in the event of an invoice error, or ride price discrepancy. These powerful booking, billing, and reconciliation processes have been found to reduce costs for clients –  saving an average of 15-20% – while also removing the need to audit regardless of how rides are booked.

#4 Global Coverage For All Mobility Types with HQ Connect

HQ Connect is our exclusive network of highly and continuously vetted suppliers and partners that provide global coverage for all mobility types, including on-demand rides from Lyft.

HQ Connect provides clients with global coverage to roll out corporate mobility services with speed without existing local supplier relationships.  This allows you to access and manage a wide range of mobility services, suppliers, and partners, all from one centralized platform.  As with preferred and existing suppliers, HQ SummitGround handles all the billing and payment centrally with our powerful billing verification, validation, and error detection process.

As an exclusive network, we guarantee the highest level of service with all of our suppliers adhering to our meticulous duty of care policy, safety standards, and strict licensing,  insurance, and driver background checks.  At the time of writing, we have a global presence in six continents across 50 countries in over 1,000 cities, and we’re expanding more each week.

#5 Reporting and Analytics for Greater Spend Visibility and Cost-Cutting

As part of HQ SummitGround, we provide our clients with on-demand and regularly scheduled reports.  We have the deepest level of ride data granularity in the market so clients can make decisions based on insights, especially regarding cost optimization.

This enables clients to:

  • View reports based on ride cost, supplier, employee usage, or route volume
  • Measure booking & billing cost reductions with cost-saving reports
  • Leverage historical ride price data for cost-optimization, spend control and ride price negotiation with HQ Connect
  • Monitor carbon footprint and emissions with sustainability reports
  • Feed ground travel data into existing BI dashboards to scale insights


Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Our overview of the ins and outs of HQ SummitGround.  To discover more about how our Fortune 500 clients have used HQ SummitGround explore our most recent case studies here and here.

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