How to simplify ground transportation for your business

June 15, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern

Today, ground transportation is an essential aspect of business travel.

It’s important to work with the best ground travel partners to ensure your workers are always on time. Whether your employees are always on retreats or travel frequently for business related purposes, your focus should be on ensuring their health and safety, while cutting unnecessary corporate travel costs.

Simplifying ground transportation can go a long way in enhancing cost-efficiency at your company. However, not many transportation technology solutions can enable you to handle all your ground transportation services on one platform the way HQ SummitGround does.

Using HQ SummitGround’s solution, you can streamline everything as the platform is capable of organizing all your ground transportation services in one place to help you save more, and operate more efficiently.

In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at the benefits of using HQ SummitGround and explain how the platform can help simplify ground transportation for your business.

Work with a Single Booking Platform

With HQ SummitGround, you get to book all your transportation services from one platform, tailored to your needs.

The HQ SummitGround platform provides a seamless experience to handle all business ground transportation, all in one place.  This creates an easy ride booking experience across all suppliers customizable to your requirements, consistent across devices, and can be rolled out locally, regionally, and globally.

When it comes to your existing supplier relationships, our system can quickly and easily integrate them into the platform.  At the same time, our supplier billing validation, verification, and invoice review is designed to automatically flag any billing or invoice errors.

Embed Your Travel Policy into the Booking Process

Another benefit of using HQ SummitGround services is that it provides an embedded travel policy that ensures corporate rides are policy compliant.  This makes it easier for financial teams to monitor and track total ground transportation spend, and process employee expenses.   All from a single platform!

Control and Customize Ride Options

With HQ Summitground it’s possible to control which vehicles employees can book.  This includes restricting premium ground travel services depending on the employee position, level of seniority,  journey length, and type.  The greater control means you have enhanced visibility and transparency in terms of ground travel spend and activity.

It is also possible to request within the booking process for the trip purpose and cost allocation code.

Expand Your Supplier Network

HQ SummitGround has an expansive international supplier network that you can leverage with HQ Connect. The platform allows you to choose from a wide range of mobility options and suppliers including private car hire,  taxis, standard and executive SUVs & MVPs,  and corporate minivans and shuttles.  Very soon we’ll be rolling out electric vehicles and rideshare options to our global network. This allows our Fortune 500 clients to access a global network of ground transportation providers that are highly and continuously vetted.

Increase Spend Visibility

Reviewing, approving, and paying suppliers can be frustrating and leads to a high overhead cost in time and effort. With HQ’s billing & invoice, review features you can achieve spend control, reduce costs, and speed up the review process.

Dive into the Data with Detailed Reports

With HQ Summitground we provide the deepest level of ride data granularity in the market through regular reports, as well as on-demand requests.   This enables our clients to obtain actionable insights and custom reports including frequent routes, employee usage, and supplier activity.  We’re also on hand to support company-wide sustainability initiatives and can provide ground transportation carbon emissions reports.

Final Few Words

Simplifying ground transportation activities for your company can be a daunting prospect. You are forced to deal with numerous variables and dynamics that can consume valuable time and resources needed for productivity.

Contact us today and discover how we can transform your ground transportation program with our industry-leading enterprise solution.

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