HQ Corporate Shuttles – Video 101

April 17, 2022
Daniel Leon Stern

The world and the workplace have changed, which is why a new way of working calls for a new way to commute. That’s exactly where our corporate shuttles come in to safely, securely, and sustainably get your employees to and from the office. Our highly vetted drivers and shuttles are on hand to keep your team moving whether you’re looking for a door-to-door or last-mile pick-up from major transport hubs.

Check out our brand new corporate shuttles video 101!

Key Benefits

Reliable Rides


  • Opportunity to provide a safe and secure way to get to and from work, removing the reliance on public transportation or private car.



Easy-to-Use Booking & Tracking


  • The employee passenger app includes health & safety reminders, route maps, real-time vehicle tracking, ETAs, and push delay notifications.



Passenger Productivity


  • Commute time turned into a more productive journey with secure WIFI and USB charging ports.


Sustainable Solution


  • Reduction in corporate carbon footprint & air pollution, and congestion & bottle knecks in the surrounding area.



Fully Flexible


  • Ability to control collection points, capacity per shuttle, ride times, and shuttle frequency.



Trust & Transparency


  • Actionable insights with a dashboard to track, report, and process all activity & expenses in one place.



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