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    corporate shuttle service for employees
    corporate shuttle service for employees
    corporate shuttle service for employees
    corporate shuttle service for employees

    Your tenants are at the heart of your success.

    Make their commute stress-free, and easy with our employee & tenant corporate shuttle service.


    Reliable Rides

    Provide a safe and secure way to get to and from your property removing the reliance on public transportation or private car.

    Safety Protocols

    Protect your tenants with your safety protocols implemented including masks, driver checks and shuttle disinfection

    Passenger Productivity

    Transform commute time into a more productive journey with secure WIFI and USB charging ports.

    Sustainable Solution

    Reduce your property's carbon footprint and congestion by reducing single-vehicle commuting to the same destination.

    Fully Flexible

    Control tenant capacity per shuttle, ride times, shuttle frequency, and collection points with ease.

    Control Costs

    Track, report, and process all property transportation expenses in one place with payment integration.

    Comfortable, convenient, and customizable features, including:

    • Easy-to-use passenger app 
    • Seamless ride-booking & shuttle tracking
    • Optimized route planning 
    • Customizable seating capacity 
    • Health & safety protocols 
    • Accurate contact tracing
    • Business dashboards for reporting

    William Elder, RXR

    Managing director and executive vice president

    RXR is excited to provide our customers the best return to office experience through such features as the HQ tech-enabled, luxury shuttle service

    corporate shuttle bus service for employees

    Project manager, Bloomberg

    Our driver is very competent and courteous. Thank you for assigning him to our route. The pick up location of the bus is very close to my home and the ride was very comfortable

    corporate shuttle bus service for employees

    Researcher, Corning

    Loved the commute - it was very comfortable and the bus was punctual, I didn’t have to wait for it to arrive.

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