Why Your Company Needs a Corporate Shuttle Program

Corporate Shuttle
December 6, 2021
Rana Good
Corporate Shuttle

As many companies start returning back to the office, commuting safely is more important than ever. After a year of working from home, there are many things that seem daunting when getting back to the workplace. From long drives to being in confined spaces during a still-raging pandemic, many employees aren’t thrilled to spend hours commuting back and forth again.

That’s why you should consider a corporate shuttle program that offers a convenient and overseeable solution. It offers a multitude of benefits and can be suitable for both large and small businesses. We spoke to Maurice H. Brewster, CEO of one HQ’s preferred transportation partners, Mosaic Global Transportation about how and why companies should launch a corporate shuttle program if they haven’t done so yet.

Corporate Shuttles are Convenient

Whether it’s a shuttle from your doorstep to the next metro station or a bus that takes you door to door to your company building, a corporate shuttle program cuts down at least some of the time you need to commute on your own. This is particularly important now that more people are driving more than usual to avoid public transportation. “There’s more traffic on the street now than before because people want to drive,” says Brewster. “People spend even more time getting to work.” A corporate shuttle removes the headache of finding parking, being stuck in traffic and reduces the cost of fuel for employees.

Having a corporate shuttle program isn’t just a nice-to-have for employees at larger companies in certain cities, it’s become a de facto non-negotiable. “A C-suite executive famously left Apple and went to Google because they had a shuttle program and Apple didn’t,” says Brewster. “Not having a corporate shuttle program can leave companies behind and make them less competitive.” Notably, Apple implemented a corporate shuttle program after this incident and it’s clear that these programs can provide an edge in the hiring process.

They Help Companies Be More Environmentally Friendly

Corporate shuttle programs help reduce emissions and allow companies to meet their environmental goals. Fewer people driving means individuals have a lower carbon footprint. They also provide a solution to an issue that becomes more prevalent each day — less space in cities. “We won’t ever have more land, and at some point, you will run out of parking spots,” says Brewster. “That’s what’s so convenient about corporate shuttle programs, even if it’s just a First Mile/Last Mile program, picking up or dropping off employees eliminates the problem parking can pose.” First Mile/Last Mile is a corporate shuttle program that brings employees to the nearest transportation station from their homes.

Great for Productivity

It goes without saying that employees can’t partake in many other tasks while driving their own car, but corporate shuttles free them up to work on their laptops or even take meetings with coworkers while en route to work. “A corporate shuttle can give employees an extra hour or two that they wouldn’t have driving,” says Erik Weber, Senior Vice President, Operations & Strategy at HQ. “This allows for collaboration while you’re on the bus.” Companies are always eager to increase productivity so why encourage brainstorming and discussions before work starts or after the workday is technically over.


COVID-19 made us keenly aware of the importance of knowing people’s whereabouts to trace and contain the pandemic. Through technology corporate shuttles track and manage passengers making it easy to know who traveled where and when. Driving a limited number of passengers, limits exposure more than on public transportation.

Surprise – Corporate Shuttles Are Suitable for Small Companies

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to have a corporate shuttle program. “There’s a misconception that only Google and Apple can have these programs,” says Brewster. “Multiple small companies can band together and create a program together – for example, companies in the same building.” The first step of implementing a corporate shuttle program is assessing your budget, as this will inform how comprehensive your program will be. Corporate shuttle programs come in a variety of sizes ranging from a short pick up and drop off, to all-day door-to-door service.

Whether your program is small or turnkey, it’s guaranteed to provide some level of convenience and ease to your employees, in particular during a pandemic.

Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash

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