Ease Into The New Year With A Better Commute For Employees

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December 6, 2021
Rana Good
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The New Year is almost upon us, and there are some things that never change. The same pressure to attend that New Year’s Eve party. The guilt when you think about last year’s resolutions, and the three times you actually got to the gym. And the cold. That dark, biting, freezing cold.

Commuting In Winter Is No Fun

Most of the day is fine. Employees either warm and cozy at home, or at the office, where it’s a pleasant, temperature-controlled 70 degrees. The part where they’re most likely exposed is their work commute. And this is where winter really sucks.

It could be in the freezing morning, where they do the long rush to your stop only to discover that the bus is late, and they stand there getting soaked. Or on the way home from work where, bundled up, they are standing on the bus (of course there are no available seats) and they would love to take off some layers before they burn to death – if only they could move.

Drive a car? Grab that shovel. It’s the morning ritual of shoveling the driveway that everyone loves so much. Not to mention the treacherous, stressful drive to and from work. Oh, and the tolls…

Just like seeing the first green of spring after a tough winter, there is some light at the end of this gloom.

Upgrade Your Employees’ Commute

That’s right. The winter commuting experience doesn’t have to be terrible! In fact, it can even be one of the highlights of their day. You read that correctly.

Imagine the following: your employee wake up, and check their phone to see when their bus is arriving. They’ve already reserved tickets through the app, so they’re not worried about missing out on a seat. They see the bus is on time, and they go make coffee and hang out with the kids.

When they’re done, they check the app again and see their bus is 5 minutes out. They say your goodbyes and walk to their stop – it’s a couple of feet away – just as the bus is pulling up.

They sit on a luxury leather seat, connect to the wifi, and catch up on the news. They arrive at work rested, relaxed and recharged.

Sound like an employee dream? All of this is a reality for thousands of commuters using HQ Shuttles to commute to work every day.

What are HQ Shuttles?

HQ Shuttles are the most reliable, convenient and comfortable way to commute. Corporates can sign up for the service and offer their employees the ability to book seats through the HQ app, and a HQ luxury bus whisks them to and from work every day.

With HQ, your employees:

  • Premium buses
  • Reserve a seat
  • Charging ports
  • Accurate ETAs
  • Optimized routes
  • Takes bus lanes, getting your employees there quicker

It’s a total game-changer.

New Year, New You

Your employees’ commute is such a big part of their life. It sets the tone of their day at work and can affect their mood when they arrive home in the evening. Making a small change in this aspect of their life can have a massive effect on them and your company.

Yes, New Year’s is upon us. As you are preparing for the new year back to work plans. We know a great place to start: ridehip.com

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