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December 6, 2021
Rana Good
corporate shuttle service

The pandemic changed the way people work, but not for everyone. For the majority of people who still need to get to the office, commuting is an integral part of life. Every morning and every evening, employees get into cars, buses or trains, and make their way to and from work.

If you add up the time spent commuting to and from work, you’ll probably work out that it’s at least 10% of their day. In fact, 80 million Americans commute for over 40 minutes every day, and the average American worker will spend the equivalent of 19 full work days traveling to work. If you’re in the New York-Newark-Jersey City metro area, you have one of the longest commutes in the entire country. Add to that health and safety concerns that are now more critical than ever, public transportation becomes a very uncomfortable solution while other options get very expensive very quickly.

Considering that this time could be better spent by your employees enjoying breakfast with their kids in the morning, grabbing dinner with friends in the evening, or actually doing their job, the issue of commuting has become an extremely important one for millions of Americans.

The current state of your employee’s commute to work

For those that take their cars to work, commuting means wasted time, fuel and energy. Jumping in their car only to be stuck in traffic and wishing they were anywhere else. On top of this, there’s also the fuel they burn going to and from work every day, which adds up extremely quickly. Not to mention the cost of parking once they actually get to work. If you as a company reimburse your employees commute costs, it can add up to a significant cost at the end of the year.

Commuting is even worse for people that use current public transportation options. Simply ask anyone traveling from the suburbs to the city every day, in the blistering heat or ice cold temperatures. Long waits, delays, buses that don’t show up on time, traffic and old infrastructure. It’s a nightmare, yet this is how millions of people start and end their day, every day. This is why many companies that are located in the suburbs or outside the center of the city find it harder to recruit and to retain employees. Add on top of that that many companies now offer remote working options, if you need your employees in the office at least part of the week, it is even harder to find these employees.

HQ Shuttles is changing it all

Here at HQ Shuttles, we thought it was time for some change. With so many Americans commuting every day, it simply didn’t make any sense that there weren’t better options. We set out to innovate the commuting space and change the way workers everywhere start and end their days. Our solution is built for the Hybrid 2.0 environment we now are facing – you can build your own corporate shuttle solution by deciding which days it will run, and which employees it will pick up. Our tech-first solution will find the best meeting point near your employees’ homes, create a dynamic route for the driver to pick them up and drive them to the office. Some employees are not showing up this week? No problem – our solution knows to adapt the route before every single ride to ensure the most effective and shortest ride time for your employees.

HQ’s corporate shuttle solution enables millions of commuters to book their daily rides to and from work in seconds. All you need is to have your corporate account set up with HQ and your employees will be ready to download the app and start booking rides with HQ shuttles. It’s reliable, convenient and of course, comfortable. Premium buses pick the employees up near their house, or at a pick up point of your choosing to work and back, stress-free.

Your employees’ time is valuable

At HQ, we believe in taking advantage of every moment. Your employees shouldn’t have to eat your breakfast in a rush only to run to the bus stop and discover that the bus is late, or full, or that there’s a line to get on.

Through our easy-to-use app, they can track the shuttle in real-time and get accurate ETAs so you never end up rushing or waiting around. Plus, you and the employee will always know exactly where your bus is, and when to leave home in the morning.

The new standard of health & safety

We believe that corporate employees deserve the highest level of comfort, health and safety. To ensure they start and end your day in the best way possible, we use premium buses and shuttles to take them to and from work. Amazing leather seats, charging ports, great A/C and spacious legroom. Plus, they can book and reserve their seat through the HQ Shuttles app, so they never end up standing. Ever. The buses and shuttles are disinfected after every single ride, and you can keep track of who was on the bus, through our contact tracing forms.

Your employees’ days are stressful enough

Between personal schedule, work meetings, deadlines and trying to manage the pandemic’s effect on their lives, it’s an understatement to say that their days are stressful. Trust HQ Shuttles to be your calm oasis among all the noise. Your employees’ can value the commute as a time to reflect, recharge and relax.

Leading companies are already using HQ as their preferred way to get their employees’ to work and back comfortably and stress-free. This is our mission. Giving employees the best commuting experience possible. Most importantly, we aim to make what was once the worst part of their day into something you actually look forward to. Use HQ and discover a magical commute.

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